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[x.] name: Carrie Kathleen Pyburn
[x.] birthday: December 19, 1986

[x.] piercings: ears.
[x.] tattoos: none
[x.] height: .5' 7"

[x.] shoe size: 7 1/2 - 81/2.

[x.] hair color: red
[x.] length: short
[x.] siblings: little brother, Matthew.

[x.] pets: dog- Macey, Cats- Jim Morrison, Evil Kitteh, Little Kitteh, and the wanna be pet. Blah Kitteh .


[x.] movie you rented: Without a Paddle.

[x.] movie you bought: Porkey's.

[x.] song you listened to: Sifl and Olly-Hellfire.

[x.] song that was stuck in your head:Dolores - Sifl and Olly.

[x.] thing you downloaded: Sifl and olly.

[x.] cd you bought: um... Tool.

Do YOU.....
[x.] you believe in online dating: no.

[x.] you want more piercings: yes.

[x.] you want more tattoos: yes.

[x.] you drink: no.

[x.] you do drugs: no.

[x.] you smoke: mm-hmm.

[x.] you like cleaning: other people's messes -no My room-yes.

[x.] you like roller coasters: Hell Yeah >_<.

[x.] you write in cursive or print: both.

[x.] you carry a donor card: no.

For or Against...
[x.] teenage smoking: yes, but what people do is none of my business.

[x.] doing drugs: no.

[x.] premarital sex: Sometimes.

[x.] driving drunk: no.

[x.] tv show: Robot Chicken.

[x.] thing in the world: kakashi.

[x.] thing to collect: kakashi memoribilia.

[x.] colors of all time: Blue, Silver, and Black.

[x.] thing to do on a rainy day : watch anime.

[x.] feeling in the world: being needed.

[x.] what perfume do you use: Cotton Blossom ?..

[x.] shoes do you wear: Boots and house shoes
[x.]what are you scared of: Spiders.

Have you ever...
[x.] ever cried over a girl/boy: no..

[x.] ever lied to someone: all the time.

[x.] Fallen for your best friend?: ... no.

[x.] Made out with JUST a friend?: no.

[x.] Been in love?: no
[x.] Cheated on someone?: no.

Who was the last person...
[x.] You touched?:Lauren

[x.] You talked to?: Lauren.

[x.] You hugged?: Can't remember the last time I hugged someone
Have you/are you/do you have...
[x.] Considered a life of crime?: yes.

[x.] Considered being a hooker? no
[x.] Considered being a pimp?: everyday.

[x.] Are you psycho?:People think I'm evil and I eat flowers.

[x.] Split personalities?: no.

[x.] Obsessive compulsive?: no.

[x.] Panic?: no..

[x.] Anxiety?: no.

[x.] Depressed?: sometimes.

[x.] Paranoid?: no

[x.] Obsessed with hate?: no.

[x.] Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore?: basically being for real, not making a smart ass comment, this is all I dream about..

[x.] Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them?: yes.

Are you...
[x.] Understanding: yes, to a point. .

[x.] Open-minded: yeahs

[x.] Interesting: I don't think so

[x.] Hungry: no.

[x.] Friendly: I think I am an ok friendly person.

[x.] Childish: can be.

[x.] Healthy: kinda.

[x.] Difficult: a little.

[x.] Thirsty: no.

x.] Responsible: yes

[x.] Sad: kinda.

[x.] Happy: sometimes

[x.] Trusting: yes.

[x.] Talkative: kinda.

[x.] Lonely: .. yeah..

[x.] Own a webcam? no.

[x.] Ever gonna get off the computer?:when I die.


[x.] Current Clothes:wife-beater, black pants, socks

[x.] Current Mood: ok-kinda.

[x.] Current Taste: orange soda.

[x.] Current Hair: down.

[x.] Current Annoyance: I have a headache.

[x.] Current Smell: incense.

[x.] Current thing you ought to be doing: source cards.

[x.] Current Book: .. many..

[x.] Current DVD In Player: um.. nothing?

[x.] Current Refreshment: Sunpop

[x.] Current Worry:nothing.

[x.] Current Crush: none.

On Dating....

[x.] Long or short hair? no preference.

[x.] Dark or blond hair? dark.

[x.] Tall or short? taller than me.

[x.] Ms./mr. Sensitive or Ms./mr. Funny?: both.

[x.] Good boy/girl or bad boy/girl? both..

[x.] Dark or light eyes? either one.

[x.] Pierced or no? I don't care

On preferences....

[x.] Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? Chocolate Milk

[x.] McDonalds or Burger King? Neither.

[x.] Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? perfect lover.

[x.] Sweet or sour? sweet.

[x.] Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? dr. pepper.

[x.] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? horror,action, comedy.

[x.] Cats or dogs? Both

[x.] Ocean or Pool? doesn't matter.

[x.] Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheese? nacho cheese.

[x.] Mud or Jell-O wrestling? Jello.

[x.] With or without ice-cubes? without.

[x.] Rain or shine? Rain

[x.] Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall? Winter.

[x.] Vanilla or Chocolate? don't care.

[x.] Gloves or mittens? gloves.

[x.] Eyes open or closed? Doesn't matter

[x.] Fly or breathe under water? fly

[x.] Bunk-bed or waterbed? bunk bed. .

[x.] Chewing gum or hard candy? hard candy.

[x.] Motor boat or sailboat? either one.

(*). Fave number(s): 13

(*). Number of times you've kissed or been kissed:a couple..
(*). Number of times you've made out with someone: never

(*). If you play any sports, what is(are) your number(s)?
(*). Number of times you've read the Bible all the way thru: none.
(*). Date of birth: 13/19/86
(*). Year you graduate: 2005
(*). How many songs do you know by heart? a lot
(*). Number of times you eat out per week: ...maybe 1 sometimes.
(*). How long do you usually spend online on an average per day (thru out the day)?differentiates.
(*). How long does it usually take you to fall asleep on an AVERAGE night? a long time. I usually just lay and think.
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