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After the trip

Well I am back from the camping trip and I am sun burnt....I hate le sun. So we had a really good time. It was me, Lauren, Mandy and then Marie, Trevor, and Gary all hung out at different times. I made tacos. I have 1337 skills. So after Trevor left we all went to sleep. It was like 1:00 and then we woke up at 5:10...I tried to make pancakes...but failed. Oh well, we had hardy's. mmm...mmm...good. Then we was icky. Lauren left, but I was asleep and didn't even know it. Then later in the day me and Mandy left because it was so f-ing hot. So we came back to my house and she took some quizzes. I fell asleep for a while and then she woke me up to tell me that she was leaving. I was too tired to walk her to the door.

Then today I get a call from ITT tech and schedule a visit for the 31st. I tell Dave and Joann and then all of a sudden its a bad decision. I want to go into Digital Entertainment and game design, and they think that I won't go anywhere. All I have ever heard from them is "We want you to do something that you will be happy with." Now its "You have to do something we will be happy with." I have already researched this and this is what I am going to do.
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