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Ok so it's like 1:30 and I am up and updating my journal. I haven't been updating as frequently as I wish I could. Well lets see....what has happened lately? I got my prom dress. I had it made for me. It is Midnight blue and strapless, and it fits perfectly. I got my hair colored. It's really dark..not black though. It might not be really dark, I'm just not used to seeing myself with this hair color so......
Prom is this Saturday. I am taking Keri and Lauren is taking Clay. I think I am going to try and hitch a ride with Amber. I was going to ride with Mandy and Ivy. Let me elaborate a little more. Mandy was going to drive, and Ivy was going to ride with her. So I asked if it was ok if me and Keri could ride with her and she said yeah. Well her mom told her she couldn't drive and got them a limo. The limo is $200. If me and Keri go with them it'll be 50 bucks a piece. If I would be with them the whole night it would be fine, however, Ivy and Mandy don't want to eat at the Olive Garden, they want to eat at this Pizza parlor. We have had the Olive Garden planned forever and a year, and then they want to go there. Ok then after prom they are going home. We have had the idea of getting a hotel room forever, we're going there for the after party. I think Ivy doesn't want to go because there is going to be alcohol. So what is the use of riding with them if I have to change all of my plans? Hell no! So if they want to get the limo and pay $100 bucks a piece for one night then let them go ahead and do it. I'll be damned if I am changing what i have had planned for 4 months just because Ivy and Mandy want to go home. So ima going to see if i can hitch a ride with Amber.
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