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Hidee Ho

Wow, it sure has been a long time since I have updated. I have been really busy lately, and really don't have time to write. Well, lets see whats new... I went to prom and Keri was my date. I had a good time, I cussed out Clay for pouring water on Lauren, and then that night I slept in a bed with Lauren, Chelsea, Ryan(he's gay). Yeah it was crazy man. But...we all looked good, except for a couple of people that didn't look right in their dresses. I also kept putting shit in Ivy's one point Heather took some of it out and then I put it back in and told her that I would fucking kill her if she took it out again. we have decided what we are going as when we go to the convention. First Day- Naruto Keri - Sasuke, Lauren - Sakura, Aerin - Itachi, Me- Hinata, Mandy - Ino or Temari. Clay -most likely Kiba, but we might make him goes as Naruto...we need one. Also, Hey Rachael, if you read this and you want to go with us then you can. Second Day - Final Fantasy - Lauren - X Yuna, Keri- Paine, Me- Rikku, Mandy- X-2 Yuna, Aerin- Auron, Clay -Wakka. Third day - free day. Me- Darcia. I have finally decided where I am going to go to school. In have decided on ITT. I am going to go to Keri's tomorrow and make her put my Black Highlights in. I am also getting the very tips of my hair dyed black. I think it will go good with my hair. And if it doesn't then I can just dye all of my hair black. Either way I win. Well thats all I have to say for now.
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