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I hate the sand

Well, i just got back from camping and i realize that i have a hatred for sand. there is sand in everything i own, and when i mean everything i mean it. so first lauren and paige came to get me, and then we met gary at the movie gallery and went to hibbits so he could get a hat. i let him have a buck so he could get it. then, we went to the dollar tree and got supplies and then we went to taco bell and ate. we picked up trevor and then went to get clay. its cool riding with gary because he yells at and i don't have to listen to n'snyc. we rondezvoused at my house and then went to the camp. we set up everything and then team blue went and got supplies. we finally got our smirnoff and made tacos. then we were like you wanna go swimming and we did. (this is at like 10:00 and then we got out into the water and we were like......."lets skinny dip....", so we did. well we got out and we were naked with towels wrapped around us sitting around the fire when gary and matt pull up. (gary left when the tacos and booze ran out earlier). so we hurry and get clothes on and i end up going with gary and matt to get dip. on our way back matt climbs on top of the jeep, and how the boy is still alive, i don't know. then we decided to skinny dip matt and gary jade, kris, nick, and matt come hang out for a while and then they left. then me and mandy go to bed.. but can't we just sit there talking...then when i do get to sucks...there's sand everywhere...>_<...we wake up at like 10 and get everything together and haul ass out of there. so i am home and about to go take a shower cause i am grodey and nasty....and i have sand everywhere..and i am sick ::cough cough::
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