carrie, bitches (kitty_evil) wrote,
carrie, bitches

oh jesus

oh god, last night was crazy, we almost all got arrested for underage drinking. ok we all went down to satans beach. this included myself, lauren, paige, trevor, kris, gary, megan, and ryan. ok trevor, mandy, and sheena had went and got the alcohol. we had three packages of smirnoff, a bottle of vodka, and two bottles of gin. so danielle, keisha, and, and matt come down. they stay for a while, everyone is having a good time. well gary is going to go pick up chelsea and matt decides to leave with them. they get to gary's jeep and then the police show up and start running tag numbers. we try and hide all the booze but some of it gets left out and the cops see it. thats when we all go into oh god dammit they start asking questions and stuff and finally we were like yeah we were drinking. so they ask where it came from and trevor takes one for the team and tells them that he brought it from his house. so the cops start asking everone their ages and i thought since i am 18 that i was about to go to jail. Keisha is the one that saved our asses, she knew the female cop. praise jesus. so we were all like why did yall come down here and they said that someone had called in and been like there are a bunch of drunk kids down here. so the male cop ask the other one what he thought they should do with us and she said that he was going to let the 18 year ols and up stay but the minors would have to go home, and that they were going to give them a field sobriety test and then call their parents. well long story short, they didn't do that. as soon as they got back to their cars they told them just to go home and we didn't get in trouble either. oh before that when the cops were telling the minors to leave and get there stuff together, i went to help lauren with her stuff and to conspire. but everythign turned out ok, so i am still alive.
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